Hi, my name is Zeqian Peng

I design digital experiences for both the living moment and the future.


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Jan.1994 - Aug.2016


Hubei, China

Growing up in Wuhan as a music enthusiasm (huge fan of Alt-J, slenderbodies etc.), a legal graffiti artist (now i do art on my iPad), a freelance graphic designer, a badminton player and an ameture photographer (follow my Instagram!), Wuhan as a city has given me infinite imagination to make all these dreams come true.

During undergrad, I studied architecture and engineering management, which equipped me with both detail-oriented design skills and a broad vision to think big.

Aug.2016 - Present



I moved to Pittsburgh in 2016 and had proudly become a part of the CMU community since then. When pursuing my first master degree in Architecture and Management, I found myself attracted to designing beautiful experience for human in the urban environment. Currently I am an MHCI student at CMU, exploring more deeply in designing for education, social connections and the future. I am expected to graduate in August, 2019.

While looking for a full-time job as a product designer at a great company in the moment, I am working on a project to help AEO with their futuristic omni-channel experience and an AR app to reveal Nanawall's potential of improving people's living habit.

I was a graffiti artist in high school, now I do art on my iPad.
Check them out on my Behance!

I listen to various kinds of music and sing.
I am a HUGE Alt-J, Vulfpeck and slenderbodies fan!

I used to play on CMU badminton team before I hurt my ankle.
But badminton is still my fav!

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