Turtle Editor

A desktop application that teaches kids Python programming with blocks.

Design for Education

Desktop App Design

Employer: Code.Game @Shenzhen, China
4 Months | Feb.2018 - May.2018
My Role: Interaction Design Intern

Project Background

Code.Game is a start-up company in China that focuses on programming education for kids. While I was working as an interaction design intern at Code.Game, we designed and developed a desktop application to teach kids Python programming by visualizing the code into blocks.

Final Product

The final product is a desktop application that enables the transformation between code and blocks based on Scratch 2.0 developed by MIT Media Lab. Kids can see real-time changes in both sides and also connect to hardwares in order to make IoT projects.

The project is currently under NDA, but feel free to reach me to learn more about how we designed the application.

Thank you for reading!

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